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Following are some personal emails recently received:

“I absolutely enjoyed the week. I thought i would have hours to fill and brought two books. I never opened them” (Margo 2024)

“I m just back from a lovely week. I would like to thank all the team for making it …just perfect. I have a new sense of body awareness and the tools to keep the momentum going.” (Denise 2023)

“Cloona is surely a special place. We thoroughly enjoyed our repeat trip from start to finish. You are all amazing, so welcoming and providing a lovely niche service to a very high and efficient standard. We felt so minded, from arrival to departure. Catriona, is an amazing yoga instructor. Love her to bits. She is in my head since our first Cloona visit. Colleen Kennedy, Herbal Medicine talk was an inspirational speaker. Wish we could bring her to Kinsale with us. Isabel’s cookery demonstration was such a great evening. A feast of knowledge and loved our take away soup, salads with dressing. Feels like we really brought a piece of Cloona home with us into our homes. Looking forward to using thd recipes. Thank you again for everything. The amazing place, food, walks, treatments and everybody that has an input into making Cloona work like clockwork in making it the place it is.” (Valerie 2023)

“I had a lovely week and enjoyed the programme and the company thoroughly. You have a unique venue and your ethical approach to everything is lovely.” (Mary 2023)

“Thank you to all the Cloona team for a another wonderful stay. As I have said before, Cloona is a very special place and you have a very special team of people there. Thank you for taking care of me so well during the week, my health is the better for it. My only wish is that I was still there!! I’ll be back again next year. Until then, very best wishes to you all.” (Sinead 2023)

“Thank you for the most rejuvenating time, it was well worth the flight from Abu Dhabi. You’ve managed to create a safe space for my mother and I to come explore the natural world - but also the one within. You’ve all gone over and beyond to make my mother feel special - but also much better, especially after my grandmothers passing. And that especially meant the world to me; seeing the person I love the most be appreciated for who they are rather than what they can give those around them.
Dhara, you’re the orchestrator that commands the serenity we all felt at Cloona. We’ve noticed you fixing the occasional chair, drying our shoes, and ensuring that the kitchen remained spotless. A true magician - if there ever was one! Of course a sympathy isn’t possible alone. We’re grateful for the kindness and brilliance of each and every member of the Cloona team for making our time incredibly special - but a especially Susan, Anna, Dervla, Isabella, Rose, Finnian (the candle lighting did not go unnoticed) , Mary, and of course the wonderful Patricia.” (Saleha 2023)

“I had a great time at Cloona, really enjoyed it. I’ve been raving about it since I came home. Thanks to you and your wonderful team for sharing all your knowledge - everyone of you brilliant at what you do!” (Linda 2023)

“Thanks Dhara and all the team for a wonderful week in Cloona! It was hard at times, but always enjoyable and a good group to spend the week with. I will certainly keep up with the water, esp tepid and keeping it separate from food, will aim for high quality produce and smaller portions, and plan to join a weekly yoga class as I found that very beneficial. I also lost half a stone in weight, which add to another half stone lost before coming means one stone lost overall, which I am delighted with. Thanks again to you and everyone, Cloona is a v special place.” (James 2023)

“Special words of thanks to all at Cloona for the wonderful 5 day retreat at Cloona (21-26 May 2023). It was truly transformative and I am feeling wonderful after it. It was my third visit to Cloona and I believe my experience has improved with every visit. Special words of thanks to: Dhara: wise, informative and supportive guidance throughout the experience. Lots of information about food digestion and of how our bodies actually work when functioning properly with a combination of proper food combining, exercise and relaxation. And water! Cathriona: my third Cloona yoga experience was honestly the best one. The Bihar method really worked for me and I could see the difference in my mobility and flexibility after 5 days. The Om on the fifth day day was magical and rather emotional. The hum of 12 collective voices reciting the Om was very special Derrick: after suffering from shoulder complications for over a year, and having had various ‘treatments’ your treatment was wonderful and effective. I am no longer in pain and practicing the movements you showed me which are really working. I knew as soon as you started my shoulder manipulation, you really understood my issue Isabelle: the juices, the salads, the soup. All simply wonderful. Imaginative, very tasty, a welcome respite from the exercise, and really fulfilling and satisfying Ann: your facial was extraordinary. An experience like no other, relaxing, satisfying and ultimately a wonderful end to the regime In conclusion, a wonderful experience with 11 other wonderful participants. I am very much looking forward to a return. The advice provided before the experience is very wise: prepare with exercise and cutting down/eliminating coffee, alcohol and sweets. It really does make a difference. Dhara and the team: you are providing a wonderful, professional and caring environment within which participants can truly grow and regroup, in a safe space.

Thank you all, not forgetting Dervla and her lovely wee baby girl” (Grace 2023)

“I for one have “reaped a lot of enduring benefits” from my week spent at heavenly Cloona. I’m drinking 2 glasses of water before breakfast….(which consists of one large grapefruit) and my daily water intake has greatly increased! See photo attached! Please thank Patricia for introducing me to the Dry-brushing (it provides me with an invigorating start to my day)! I was so surprised & pleased to have received the “last minute E-mail from Rose” offering me a place at Cloona last week. Thanks Patricia.” (Sandra 2023)

“Just wanted to thank you all for a great week at Cloona and for your individual contribution to making it enjoyable.
• Rose I Ioved the room I was staying in, very peaceful and nice views • Dhara for your patience and enthusiasm, which kept me motivated and focused (well apart from eating one date on a juice day….) • Derrick amazing and can’t thank him enough for time spent trying to sort out my knee problem, I really appreciated the time • Catrina great yoga with good advice and tips • Anne what a fabulous facial and for your calming and healing hands. A beautiful lady with an amazing aura • Finnian I really enjoyed your fitness session, very informative • Isabelle, Dervla and Patricia who kept us going with lovely food and juices. Cookery demonstration was brilliant Isabelle, even better than I remembered; I always pick up something new. Graham and I had the soup for lunch today and salads with salmon tonight, so no cooking. • To the wider team who contributed to my stay.” (Orlagh 2023)

“Thank you for your lovely email. Having had a couple of days to reflect and take stock of my Cloona experience, I would like to thank all of you for giving me a wonderful, restorative experience from which I have returned home calmer, more focused, relaxed and ready to face the challenges of the weeks and months ahead. I booked Cloona for a reset after a very difficult year which began last July when my beloved — took a massive heart attack from which he never recovered. I have navigated the bereavement journey with considerable support from family and friends and, to all intents and purposes, have coped with my loss with what was is perceived to be resilience and strength. The timing of my visit was very apt, coming just after his first anniversary. I shared this with some of your staff and the warmth, empathy and words of wisdom from those who heard my story will stay with me. I was running away from my home and myself by keeping too busy and meeting people day and daily. I’ve come back appreciating my beautiful home and learning to enjoy it again. I’m keeping up as many of the good practices and dietary tips as are feasible. I’m just back from a 52 mile cycle, fortified at the half way point with a coffee and scone. I think I earned it! That said, I’ve ordered the items recommended by Ger and Patricia, practised my yoga moves and repeated the positive mantras, made one of the healthy soups and consumed pints of water. My mental clarity and sleep quality have improved significantly. Thanks again to all of you. I was blessed too with the team who were there last week. We really did gel and learnt a lot from each other. It is the collective experience delivered by the team that makes Cloona so special.” (Bernie 2023)

“I found the week restorative in every way, an absolute balm . Thank you all so much: I’m already looking forward to returning.” (Jackie 2022)

“Thank you for this and a really enjoyable and nourishing week last week. I’ve definitely taken away valuable new insights and also been reminded of old ones. Hope to see you again soon.” (Mary Kate 2022)

“Thank you for looking after our group so well. It was an amazing experience! Thanks to you my life is better now, more water, more yoga and better living.” (Egle 2022)

“Thank you for a fantastic stay at Cloona last week. It has truly changed my energy and my life.” (Ann 2022)

“Just a little note to thank you all for a fabulous retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you.I have benefitted greatly from it. I needed the kickstart that Cloona gave me and I am doing great since I left you two weeks ago. It is amazing the effect your gentle ways had on my mind and body.Isobel I am missing your salads my God the smell and taste of them was amazing.” (Catherine 2022)

“Many thanks for your encouraging email to complement the wonderful week Joseph and I had with you all. We began our first visit to Cloona full of in trepidation but any apprehension was quickly dispelled and we fell into the Cloona way very easily. Thank you for a very enjoyable week and one we will never forget. The whole team are amazing and show such enthusiasm in their work. We were both taken with the yoga and Caitriona’s teaching. As pure beginners it was very inspiring. We miss our daily walks with Dhara and Isabelle’s tasty food. Not forgetting the wheatgrass which we continued with the supply we bought home. I know we will return very soon.” (Dawn 2022)

“Thank you all for your lovely warm welcome and hospitality last week. Mum and I really enjoyed our week out! I hope Cloona will continue to flourish . See you again before the end of the year.” (Eunice 2022)

“I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful retreat. It’s truly a very special place. Everyone is just so kind and caring. I came home with a spring in my step, my soul nourished and my mind happy and calm - It was exactly what I needed.” (Sarah 2022)

“I had a great time on my first retreat, it was a little different to what I imagined but turned out to be exactly what I needed! I feel great and I’ve learnt a lot.” (Lucy 2022)

“Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring email. It was a wonderful week for me. I feel lighter in mind body and soul. You are all so committed to our welfare. It’s a great programme.” (Catherine 2022)

” Thank you both and to all the team at Cloona for an absolutely amazing week, I don’t know how ye do it!” (Mary 2022)

“Just to say what a wonderful unforgettable week in Cloona this week was - tough but rewarding in every way. Such great yoga, such interesting food and as always learning so much about how to walk and breathe properly. And we had a good gang even if, Caitriona, we had to hold our whist now and then! Noisy, what! Thanks again and of course you will have to put up with me soon again.” (Deirdre 2022)

“It was a great week - we never got soaked and we were never hungry! Just wonderful to be back again and I’m looking forward to next year already. Enjoy your break now - and thank you for the good ongoing advice.. I’ll be trying my best!” (Annie 2022)

“Thank you all so very much for what was a fantastic experience for me on my journey. I met with some lovely people in a lovely environment of which I am truly grateful 🙏. I have taken many good thoughts and examples home with me so again thank you for ALL!!!” (Maria 2022)

“It was a most joyous sojourn. I am very grateful that I came across info on your Retreat a few weeks ago and that I got to experience your enthusiasm, motivation and care, fun and cameraderie also. It was a much needed kick start to a new year in our unusual times. Walking to be continued, hopefully in a more correct fashion, thanks Dhara. Rose, thanks to you, Isabelle and all who contributed to our wellbeing and look forward to better times. Walks,scenery, yoga, food - the best. Gratitude aplenty to all of you.” (Mary 2022)

“Can I just say that I had a wonderful time. A heartfelt thank you. I have taken more from my time at Cloona than I at present know.” (Vanessa 2022)

“It was a big challenge and I have a great feeling of accomplishment. Onwards into the new year now with a whole new intention and the new found skills to help me . Many thanks for all your guidance.” (Frances 2022)

“I would like to offer genuine thanks for the special detox retreat last week in your beautiful centre. I got a spring in my step back and hope to make some new better habits. I hope to spread the word for future guests and hope to get a return visit also. I loved all aspects of it and the pace was very good. All the yoga and exercise classes were fruitful and enjoyable. I loved your walks and pre motivation chats, even though I repeatedly got lost and was last returning! The food was particularly enjoyable and filling, I was never hungry which was a nice surprise” (Susan 2021)

“I want to tell you just how much I enjoyed my stay with all of you in Cloona in June. It was the highlight of my summer and I was delighted to be back in Cloona again.

“Everything was just perfect and thanks to yourself Rose and all the team … see you all soon again. In the meantime take care and be well.” (Deirdere 2021)

“Thank you Dhara for another uplifting time at Cloona for my body and mind. The sincerity, encouragement and commitment of you and your team shines through throughout… Incidentally, but importantly, I lost/left behind in Cloona 5.8 kilos and I’m very pleased with that.” (David 2021)

“It was a fantastic week in Cloona . It was so good to return after such a long time and I will definitely return again next year . Cloona is a magical place and I feel really good in myself after the week spent there.” (Audrie 2021)

“Aisling and I have had enormous benefit from our week. She announced on Sat morning that she felt great. Which was wonderful and so do I. I knew going into the week I needed a break and was exhausted. The benefits have surpassed my expectations and I will carry the experience with me for a long time. I really believe Cloona changed lives. Thank you so much and to the team. I will be back!!” (Cynthia 2021)

“Thank you Dhara for a wonderful week, it was much needed and very enjoyable and thanks for all your efforts in providing a supportive, safe environment for us all. The food was amazing (thanks Isabelle) and I really enjoyed the additional evening classes - a really nice addition to the program.” (Steph 2021)

“Gosh I cant believe the fast train called life that I stepped on when I left, I see even clearer how important it was for me to immerse in that space for a week.Trying to keep up some of those amazing habits is certainly a challenge and points to how little time we all give or allow ourselves, I have again tried to make time for the warm water if I could do that at least i would be laughing. I will definitely be back Dhara, ” (Teresa 2020)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the week and all the activities and treatments. It was such a unique and wonderful experience, so much more appreciated in these difficult times. I am drinking the water, not drinking with meals, doing yoga stretches every morning, walking every day, eating healthily with no sugar, caffeine or alcohol since I came home …. I so want to hold on to the Cloona effect!!” (Mary 2020)

“It has been in my head to send this email for a while but life has been so busy. I look back fondly on my week in Cloona and wish to be back! I tell anyone who wants to listen that it was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I really hope to get back again in the future.” (Orla 2020)

“The past week in Cloona was really very special…As you know, I arrived having received some devestating news the previous day..I wasn’t really sure if I could manage the week..Although I struggled, the kindness and the compassion I experierenced both from the team and the other guests was remarkable and I think epitomises the spirit and should of what Cloona represents.” (Valerie 2020)

“Thank you all for a great week. From start to finish I felt I was in very caring, competent and professional hands. Of course it was tough at times but I’m so happy to have stayed with the program in the knowledge that this is a philosophy that works. The observance of COVID-19 guidelines and protocols was ever present and very discreet. Slowing down and taking some “me time” has been hugely beneficial. I have returned home mentally and physically refreshed.” (Ann Marie 2020)

“Can I just thank you for a wonderful few days at Cloona over the last week. It has been a very special week for me in a difficult year for everyone. The classes, the walks, the nutrition, the treatments, the welcome and the ambience was just perfect. I have never quite experienced the sense of calm and excellence of service. You provide a very special break which was most needed for me, emotionally as much as physically. Best wishes for the rest of the year.” (Tara 2020)

“I would just like to say a big thank you for a wonderful week. I feel calmer and more energised after my time there. Cloona is and always was something special, the new yoga room raises it to a different level altogether. Thanks again and I hope to see you all again in the not-too-distant future.” (Eileen 2020)

“Orla and I feel very fortunate to have attended Cloona last week. We are both feeling invigorated and ready to face life again. We were also blessed to be part of an amazing group which made our stay even more special. We will definitely be writing a glowing review on Cloona.” (Liz 2020)

“Thanks a million for a fantastic week, I really enjoyed it as always! You couldn’t have done any more to make the place COVID friendly!” (Brighid 2020)

“Thank you all sincerely for all you do and give in your special place.I enjoyed every minute and can carry good advice and new good habits ” (Mary 2020)

“Thanks Dhara for a wonderful week and thanks to all you other lovely people for the wonderful chats and laughs that made my time at cloona a pleasure and carried me through the tough bits!” (Tara 2020)

“Thank you Dhara! Great photo! It was wonderful as usual - and I really appreciate the time, thought, and dedication that go into making Cloona such a great experience. Your gentle presence and guidance, Rose’s efficiency and courtesy, Isabelle’s fabulous cuisine and her glow and enthusiasm, and Caitriona’s unique humour and encouragement- what a fantastic mix! A really big thank you to you all, and keep well and happy til we meet again!” (Annie 2020)

“Really enjoyed the week and thanks to all of you for making it so enjoyable and educational.” (Gavin 2019)

“I find it quite extraordinary that 5 days could impact me so much and in so many ways. I walk to work, and now I do it “the Cloona way” and love it because it reminds of the beautiful walks we did. You’d be proud of my shoulder and hip shakes!! I drink water the Cloona way now too - plenty of it and not with food, and feel the benefits. That’s just two examples, but I have found it surprisingly easy to apply many little tweaks I learned with all of you that have left me feeling calmer, more energised and more positive. All of the changes are sensible and accessible, very much how the programme itself is structured. I’m so glad I took the leap and joined you for the retreat. I have and will continue to recommend it to friends and family as I really do think it is extremely beneficial. Thank you for a thoughtfully prepared programme with a wonderful team. The yoga in particular left a really positive impact.” (Emer 2019)

“Thank you so much for an amazing week. I got to meet such a wonderful motley crew of people who just gelled so much together & pulled each other onwards & upwards on tough days. I feel privileged to have had the experience & meet a truly genuinely lovely set of humans! I’ve tried to explain it to friends & family but Cloona is something you don’t really understand until you experience it yourself firsthand.” (Trisha 2019)

“Many thanks for a great week in Cloona it was just what I needed to recharge the batteries! I’m still drinking water and off coffee. Looking forward to a return visit next year!” (Geraldine 2019)

“Just a note to say thank you for such a wonderful week. It was incredibly relaxing and a switch off week from which I have gained immensely. I look forward to visiting you again sometime in the future” (Rachel 2019)

“I just wanted to say how perfect the 5 days at Cloona were for me on many levels, It was wonderful! Loved it. The area of course, is so uplifting, and the way the days were structured. I have lost weight slowly and continue to do so. Am also managing to get to bed by 10am - most nights, drinking water and trying to incorporate some of the things I learned into my general lifestyle. And it feels good! Thank you once again, and to Rose and Isabelle and all involved. I very much look forward to my next visit!” Patricia,(2018)

“I wonder please, would you pass on my thanks to all (you included) for such a wonderful week at Cloona last week. I had such a lovely time and with a great bunch in my group too. I am already really missing the incredible scenery in Mayo also and all the readily available fresh air! Dhara was ever warm and welcoming as were all the wonderful therapist too. It is very reassuring to know you will see familiar faces on a return visit. I feel upbeat and energised again and ready to take on the Winter and hope to return again next year.” (Anne, 2018)

“And may I say thanks so much also to you and the team for hosting another wonderful week. Cloona is such a delight.” (Louise, 2018)

“Many thanks for the wonderful week at Cloona. It was absolutely fantastic…. I luxuriated in every minute of it! Thank you for the attached photo also.” (Evelyn, 2018)

“Thank you for a wonderful few days. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of my stay. The water drinking is going well as is the walking. I’m not scaling mountains yet but have re-discovered the joy of walking amongst the trees in Forest Park near Boyle with the odd beach walk thrown in for good measure! I do feel a lot better. I’m already looking forward to the next visit especially time in the sauna…” (Margot, 2018)

“Thank you so much for the photos and the very encouraging email. It was the most perfect few days for me. I feel replenished and ready now for the months ahead. I appreciate all the work, not to mention the passion and dedication you put into making it such a nourishing and memorable experience. I certainly won’t be leaving it another 10 years until my return to Cloona!!” (Barbara, 2018)

“I cant put into words how special my 5 days were at your retreat. It was truly magical for me. I felt so cleansed and at peace… I have not felt like that for sometime and I came home absolutely buzzing and missing the place so much!” (Elaine, 2018)

“I want to thank you again for the gift of Cloona and all who make it such a wonderful place to enjoy just being. I had a wonderful week and I believe that the experience will stay with me for a long time to come.” (Elaine, 2018)

“I want to thank you all very much for a truly wonderful week in your beautiful cosy comfy Cloona. I feel renewed and energised and already planning my return for more of your magic!! The whole retreat from start to finish was just beyond expectations. Everyone on the team was so kind and warm and so good at what they do. The Group I was so fortunate to share my experience with were exceptional people and great fun!” (Monica, 2018)

“Many thanks,Dhara. It was fabulous as always but a particularly cohesive, nurturing and very lovely group of life affirming people on this occasion. Sprinkle that with the magic of Cloona and it was one of the best weeks I’ve enjoyed there.” (Mary, 2018)

“Thanks Dhara, Rose and Isabelle for a wonderful Retreat. I really enjoyed the week. I was surprised that I was not hungry, found the walking a challenge, and really felt the benefit of the yoga and meditation. Everyone in the group was a pleasure to be with and interesting to talk to, and also very supportive. The simplicity of life in Cloona with no WiFi and TV, made for a refreshing holiday away. Thank you all for your warm welcome.” (Angela, 2018)

“Thanks for the beautiful photo - brings back special memories! I am still digesting everything I’ve experienced at Cloona; it’s been a little daunting to return to a world of stations and airports. Please give my sincere thanks to the whole team - I cannot stop talking about the mindful walking, the yoga (Surya is out of this world!), the therapists, and the gorgeous Isabelle and her amazing food. Thank you thank you thank you.” (Ria, 2018)

“Firstly, thank you so much for such an amazing experience I had at Cloona. I learned so much about my health, mind and body. I have continued my juicing and daily water intake and have ordered my lexen juicer to start taking fresh wheatgrass daily. Tell Isabelle my diet has improved from her fantastic foods and teachings…I have highly recommended Cloona to all my friends and family and it is definitely something I will be incorporating on an annual basis.”(Marcus 2018)

“I had a wonderful time last week. Thank you so much! I learnt a lot about nutrition and have since done some additional research about food combining. I’ve purchased Catriona’s CD and am committed to a new approach to my life! THANK YOU! Your business and family are a pleasure to be around and I wish you the very very very best with everything. No doubt I will see you again!!” (Emily, 2018)

“The first time I came to Cloona I did not know what to expect, I came away refreshed in body and mind. For my second visit I knew exactly what to expect, or so I thought. I came away refreshed in the body, mind and spirit, with an inner calm not experienced before. Dhara, I’m glad I’ve found Cloona and it was lovely to receive such a warm welcome, my second visit was even better than my first visit. Thank you to all the team and this time I discovered the wonderful and unique Gavin and amazing Donal. A fabulous gifted team of professionals who enhanced the retreat.” (Orlagh, 2018)

“Have to say that there were times when I really struggled. But I am not one to give up. And very glad that I did not! I haven’t felt so good for a long time. You have an amazing program with wonderful people sharing our journey. So thankful I found you! I was meant to be with you all.” (Carol, 2018)

“So, thank you, and the team, once again for the warmth and kindness I experienced in your beautiful part of the country.” (Grace, 2018)

“Thank you for yet another wonderful week in Cloona with you! And thank you for the lovely photos, too! I really enjoyed every day and felt revived and full of energy each single day. And the week in winter had another touch to it, more time wrapping up with a blanket and one of the inspiring books, more time thinking about changes for body and mind, I felt more inclined to relax and look for comfort in the sauna and the beautiful bedroom.” (Charlotte, 2018)

“Many thanks for your email and the lovely photo. It was a wonderful week and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I feel like I have a new lease of life and I am very thankful for that. You and your team run a wonderful retreat and I will certainly be spreading the word. Once again thank you all.” (Lorraine, 2017)

“Thank you one and all for a wonderful stay. I think it only fair to start at the beginning and work through so there’s no favouritism lol. Thanks for the updates before my stay, and for the warm welcome on arrival. For giving me room 9 again, which I now see as ‘my room’ lol. Thanks for the wonderful meditation sessions and the daily cards. Every one of them spoke to me in a way I needed but hadn’t expected. Thanks for the fabulous yoga and for allowing us to go at our own pace, but still keeping an eye on us. I was pleasantly surprised at how flexible I still am. I’m so glad I bought the cd so I can be reminded of the beautiful accent - and the laughs. Thanks for the tasty juices and food - although the word ‘tasty’ doesn’t do them justice. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve already visited my local health food shop for various ingredients. Oh and I lost about 7lbs! Thanks for the great walks, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed, even the wet one. I was brought up in the countryside and now can see why dad went for several walks every day. Thanks too for the wonderful team you have round you and all the therapists there to help us. I enjoyed them all, but particularly the Tibetan Sound Therapy. What an absolute gem you have there. She’s given me a lot to think about and do to improve my future. I said as I was leaving Dhara that the last time I visited, I needed to. But that this time I was there because I wanted to go. However once I was there I realised I did actually need to be there.” (Wendy, 2017)

“Thank you for giving us such a powerful week at Cloona in early July. You have a special place, a special retreat. And your kindness was evident in everything - from the wellington boots, the rope on the woods path, the swings, the flowers , the soothing corners, the humor, the instruction on how to squeeze wheat grass, to the birch forest photo on the wall. I loved every second of my stay.” (Therese, 2017)

” To each one of you who supported, nourished, encouraged, and loved me on my journey in Cloona this week…I give you back love and encouragement to continue the healing work that you do for the Universe”. (Catherine, 2017)

“I’m so sorry that it has taken me till now to write and say a big “Thank You” to you all for making my two week stay at Cloona such an amazing experience. It truly is a very special place. I feel so well after my stay ,the treatments, meditation , walking , daily yoga and Isobel’s food were just wonderful. I have not eaten any meat since , drinking lots of water and trying to do some meditation and yoga every day. More importantly I feel grounded and a little at peace with myself. We are off to live in Singapore for two years but I will definitely return to Cloona again” (Denise, 2017)

“Thank you for your lovely email but more importantly for my time with Cloona. It was truly the most wonderful experience – as a result having spent my 5 days in your care my spirit has been fired– my body energised and mind calmed and soothed. I have a little shell on my desk to remind me of my walk along the beach on Wednesday… Until next time - with my deepest gratitude.” (Janet, 2017)

“Thank you for creating a wonderful environment for me to re-connect with myself this week in Cloona. I loved the experience and am so glad to be back and to see and feel the amazing healing energy in Full flow. Long may it continue!” (Catherine, 2017)

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my second Cloona experience. It really was a wonderful few days and I shall treasure them for a long time. I am feeling great. There were many elements working in my favour: a great bunch of intelligent and lovely women, a great atmosphere and ambience, one in which everyone thrived and relaxed. A large group was also good meaning one could dip in and out of conversations and develop longer ones at times. The weather helped too – very little rain and warmer temperatures than those in November when I was last there. I found everyone to be very open and friendly – no destabilising elements - and of course when you have a group of people with a common goal it makes for a stimulating and fun time. Thank you all so very much again. I know I will return and will continue to embrace and cherish the valuable lessons and time I have spent with you this year.” (Grace, 2017)

“Thank you for the lovely message. It was such an enjoyable week. I really had a wonderful time. I feel so relaxed and learned so much. It was so nice to meet everybody!” (Marie, 2017)

“Many thanks for your letter and photo. I’m enjoying the benefits of a wonderful week in Cloona every day since….improved food habits, lots of water, daily meditation, walks and yoga practice so I’m a happy camper😊”. (Catherine,2017)

“Thank You for the great time I had with You. I saw myself last Saturday continuing with my morning 5 moves Yoga pill, drinking 2 pints of water already by 10:00, returning to the bio farmers market after a few years of absence, and there I found I could buy fresh wheat grass (I did) and even a home delivery subscription. I got home and juiced myself some grass, some fruits…. that evening and the next one, I prepared 2 of the Cloona salads, to the delight of my family. It is Wednesday and I have kept the good new routines. Now listening to some music I enjoyed there. It touched me to deal with a great team of individuals that have decided to be lead by their Hearts… and by a higher Inspiration. Thank you for the words, the guidance, the learnings, the inspiration, the care, the contact, the emails and the closeness. I salute you, will spread the word to those that can appreciate who you are and what you offer.” (Sergi, 2017)

“I can honestly say my experience at Cloona was one of the best of my life to date. I feel energized and clearer in my mind than I have done in a long time. I feel better equipped to deal with the stresses that life throws at me and all together happier in myself. This in turn has had the affect of improving my relationship with my son and my husband. So thanks again to you and your team of wonder workers!!” (Deirdre, 2017)

Many thanks for an amazing and wonderful first time experience in Cloona.

— Eileen, 2016

Thanks again to you and the team for providing a fascinating five days. With so many new things to try - the yoga, laghoo, nose cleaning, fasting, labyrinth and more - my butterfly brain revelled in the fresh experiences. And lots of lessons and training in healthy practices too. The calm relaxing atmosphere and space for reflection helped me to start moving away from the initial shock and trauma of my recent bereavement, as well as giving me clarity to consider longer-standing issues. So thanks to all at Cloona, I look forward to meeting you all again sometime.

— Audrey, 2016

Many thanks again for a very beneficial week.

— Donall, 2016

Thank you so much to you and your team for such a wonderful week in Cloona. It was so lovely to escape the rat race for a few days and be so well looked after in your beautiful retreat - a home away from home. feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to battle on! Can’t compliment and thank you enough…

— Sarah, 2016

Everybody comments on how glowing I look. They all want to know about Cloona.

— Dariga, 2016

A belated thank you for everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and all the treatments and the “headspace” that I got from the week. A brilliant retreat and brilliant people running it. I will definitely be back!!! Keep up the great work

— Maeve 2016

…I would also like to say a very big thank you to you and your staff Dhara ,you were all wonderful, I am out walking every day hail rain or shine thanks to you, the best experience of my life, and to loose 9lbs was the best start I could have got…

— Collette, 2016

Thanks very much for an amazing week. I really enjoyed it and trying to incorporate some of the elements into the day to day world!

— Paula, 2016

Many thanks for the email and photo! It was a wonderful experience… Many thanks for your kindness as well as your gentle yet firm approach to living healthily. It was refreshing and I learned a lot!

— Aisling, 2016

Many thanks again for an uplifting week , in spite of the health dip. Cloona is indeed a special , magical place, it was great fun with a great crowd again this year. keep up the good work, hope to be visiting in the spring next year.

— Mara, 2016

Thank you for the great care and gentle support. I was exhausted arriving and felt renewed on leaving. I am most grateful.

— Anne, 2016

Thanks for the lovely email and photo. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt supported in pushing myself a little harder, so I could get the maximum benefit from the week. The program is superb, tough and gentle all at the same time and encourages the energising and healing that is so necessary in these busy times. The program is, in many ways to me, a chance to balance oneself and start off fresh again physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You have a great team gathered and they are all lovely. Although I have to say Caitriona is just wonderful; I really thought she was fantastic.

— Mary, 2016

Thank you so much for all your work in making last week such an enjoyable one! Great walks, lovely food and juices all beautifully prepared, and warm cozy rooms - it was just great, and I really feel the better of it!

— Annie, 2016

Many thanks for your email plus photo. I thoroughly enjoyed my few days in Cloona and meeting up with many different people. All your team were superb and I loved my massages reflexology and Tibetan bowl treatments… I shall be back and will highly recommend Cloona to many people.

— Una, 2016

Thank you so much for a wonderful five days at Cloona, I left there feeling fitter, refreshed and about four pounds lighter, I was able to do everything at my own pace which was great. I enjoyed all the different choices of treatments, I met a group of lovely interesting people and also had a lot of laughs.

I always recommend Cloona to my friends and hope to see you again this year.

— Alacoque, 2016