Extra Treatments

Meditation room
Image: The Meditation room at Cloona

Some treatments that are healing and therapeutic are provided as optional extras. Currently, these are Massage, Reflexology, Himalayan Sound Therapy, Life and Wellness Coaching (with Mary Berkery www.maryberkery.com), Dry Skin Brushing and Facials. The skills and knowledge of our dedicated team of therapists reflect the passion and experience gained from many years of working in their chosen fields. These are practitioners who excel in what they do and we are privileged to have them working with us in Cloona. Treatments may be booked on arrival and are available during free time in the afternoon.

Also available during our five-day retreats is Laghoo Shankaprakshalana, an intestinal flush, more thorough than a colonic while at the same time less invasive.

Deep Tissue Massage


This type of massage works on the deeper layers of muscle and fascia where a lot of almost inaccessible tension and tissue troubles can lie. The effect is deeply therapeutic and relaxing.

Life Coaching

For those going through life and career changes and transitions. Gain new insights, clear direction and a plan of action.


Reflexology Foot massage

A treatment of the feet based on the reflex zones of the feet which correspond to other parts of the body. Hence the treatment is beneficial for a wide range of physical issues affecting anywhere in the body. Also deeply relaxing.


Deeply relaxing Facial using Obus Skincare Products.

The Obus skin care range is Aromatherapy based. Its active ingredients are organic vegetable oils, plant extracts and essential oils. The Obus skin care products are manufactured in small batches in Ireland.

This one hour treatment consists of :

Deep cleansing routine, with the support of Gentle Lymph Drainage Massage Techniques to the Chest, Arms and Face to detoxify and reduce Odoema,

Mask for different skin types. - Obus moisturing gel mask or Obus cleansing clay mask

Facial Massage - nourishing the skin

Accupressure Massage to gently stimulate the energy of the Face

This treatment is further enhanced by a hand and arm massage finishing with a de-stress scalp massage.

Sei-ki in Kanji Sei-Ki

Sei-Ki, movement of energy, is the secret art of shiatsu as expanded and transmitted by Shiatsu and Spiritual Master A. Kishi. Movement is life and stagnation is death. This treatment awakens the energy flow in the body; it is about enlivening the body rather than sedating it or anaesthetising it.

The closest “energy bodywork” treatment to it in the West is Craniosacral therapy, in Japan Sei-tai, in China Qi Gong. It’s about Sensitivity: sensitivity to Oneself, one’s environment, and is used as “a way” to enlightenment in Japan. In a moment, you can know what you truly want - beyond your conditioning of family, peer group, culture and all your introjects.

Sickness is sublimation of your deepest desire, or psyche. Health is relaxation, is aliveness, presence to the present. Energy movement is the body’s own innate intelligence, and Sei-Ki allows this to manifest. Sei-Ki, is cleansing: cleansing of the negative energy in the body, and re-establishing a free flowing energy in the body.

Tuina in Chinese Tuina

Tuina Chinese Massotherapy is one of the three traditional treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine - the others being Herbs and Acupuncture. It is “Point work” and “Meridian” focused; with pressing/kneading on Acu-pressure points and a Rolling technique on the meridians and body.

It aims to release stagnation and stuck energy in the body by the treatment of the Meridians and Points in the body. This energy flow is what removes particular health problems or ailments, or muscular skeletal problems.

The treatment is experienced on a plinth lying down. And sitting for neck and shoulders. The client remains fully clothed. TUINA treats the energy matrix of the body and is invigorating and supportive. TUINA, is a traditional Chinese medical massage - massotherapy - for all conditions.

Tibetan (Himalayan) Sound Therapy

Himalayan singing bowls

Tibetan Sound Therapy is a deeply relaxing and beautiful sound treatment of healing vibrations for the body, mind and spirit. The sound is created through especially made Himalayan Singing bowls which make profound, harmonic sounds. The bowls are placed directly on and around the body giving a sound massage as well as a mental and emotional detox. The blissful sounds help to calm, to dispel negative energy and to balance chakras. Sound healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well being.

The practitioner, Isabela Basombrio-Hoban was introduced to, and learned about the healing power of Singing Bowls from Master Nepalese musician and Master Singing Bowl practitioner Arjun Chainpure in Katmandu. She also received treatments and learned from Singing Bowl practitioners in Boudhanath, Nepal. Isabela has a lot of experience with sound and music. She is a musician who plays several musical instruments. She is also a professional Visual Artist and and Educator who has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Environmental Design and a Master’s Degree in Arts and Museum Education.

Laghoo Shankhar Prakshalana

This is an important Hatha Yoga practise that uses warm, saline water to cleanse and tone the entire digestive tract. More effective than colonic irrigation and much less invasive. Done by Catriona Wednesday mornings on 5-day program only. (Costs 30 Euros)