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Mayo beach & mountains
Mayo beach & mountains

Posted on by Dhara Kelly in General

I hope you all like our new website which hopefully is alive and kicking now that you are reading this. It’s been a while in the pipeline, firstly because the mills of Cloona turn slowly - despite the smooth, flowing tempo of our retreats, let me add - and secondly because even once the process begins it is rather tortuous making all the decisions. Especially for a person who has for most of his life studiously avoided anything to do with marketing and self promotion… I have rather tended to rely on that old saw “Praise the youth and they will come” - in other words the feel-good factor will eventually pay dividends. But it’s been rather like making cider vinegar with honey instead of sugar - VERY slow!

Anyway, all feedback most welcome regarding the matter of our new website. I hope you can navigate it easily, that it makes sense, is informative and intuitive and all that jazz! Looking forward to hearing from you soon…