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Cultivating the aesthete

Meditation and contemplation
Meditation and contemplation

Posted on by Dhara Kelly in General

Now that we’re off to a new year with a new website, let’s make a few declarations! I urge you, along with myself, to introduce more aesthetic improvements to your life. We in Cloona have dedicated our time to advancing the cause of well-being for our guests, but it is also important not to forget about beauty in all its forms, for our life without beauty would be a sad tale indeed. For example I love my sitting room. It gives me immense pleasure to even just pass the open door and catch a glimpse of those elements which represent a quality that I like to think is eternal. Form, colour, proportion, relationship to the rest of the objects, its history, the play of light, the view out the window… In other words, don’t forget your house. Or your clothes. Or the effect you have on others. Or your beautiful mind. Manners. Nature…

And of course our wonderful bodies, which respond so well to care and consideration, and which like so much to move, to keep operational. Let us all renew a pledge to enhance the all of it for ourselves, beginning now…