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Following are some personal emails recently received:

“Thank you for yet another wonderful week in Cloona with you! And thank you for the lovely photos, too! I really enjoyed every day and felt revived and full of energy each single day. And the week in winter had another touch to it, more time wrapping up with a blanket and one of the inspiring books, more time thinking about changes for body and mind, I felt more inclined to relax and look for comfort in the sauna and the beautiful bedroom.” (Charlotte, 2018)

“Many thanks for your email and the lovely photo. It was a wonderful week and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I feel like I have a new lease of life and I am very thankful for that. You and your team run a wonderful retreat and I will certainly be spreading the word. Once again thank you all.” (Lorraine, 2017)

“Thank you one and all for a wonderful stay. I think it only fair to start at the beginning and work through so there’s no favouritism lol. Thanks for the updates before my stay, and for the warm welcome on arrival. For giving me room 9 again, which I now see as ‘my room’ lol. Thanks for the wonderful meditation sessions and the daily cards. Every one of them spoke to me in a way I needed but hadn’t expected. Thanks for the fabulous yoga and for allowing us to go at our own pace, but still keeping an eye on us. I was pleasantly surprised at how flexible I still am. I’m so glad I bought the cd so I can be reminded of the beautiful accent - and the laughs. Thanks for the tasty juices and food - although the word ‘tasty’ doesn’t do them justice. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve already visited my local health food shop for various ingredients. Oh and I lost about 7lbs! Thanks for the great walks, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed, even the wet one. I was brought up in the countryside and now can see why dad went for several walks every day. Thanks too for the wonderful team you have round you and all the therapists there to help us. I enjoyed them all, but particularly the Tibetan Sound Therapy. What an absolute gem you have there. She’s given me a lot to think about and do to improve my future. I said as I was leaving Dhara that the last time I visited, I needed to. But that this time I was there because I wanted to go. However once I was there I realised I did actually need to be there.” (Wendy, 2017)

“Thank you for giving us such a powerful week at Cloona in early July. You have a special place, a special retreat. And your kindness was evident in everything - from the wellington boots, the rope on the woods path, the swings, the flowers , the soothing corners, the humor, the instruction on how to squeeze wheat grass, to the birch forest photo on the wall. I loved every second of my stay.” (Therese, 2017) ” To each one of you who supported, nourished, encouraged, and loved me on my journey in Cloona this week…I give you back love and encouragement to continue the healing work that you do for the Universe”. (Catherine, 2017) “I’m so sorry that it has taken me till now to write and say a big “Thank You” to you all for making my two week stay at Cloona such an amazing experience. It truly is a very special place. I feel so well after my stay ,the treatments, meditation , walking , daily yoga and Isobel’s food were just wonderful. I have not eaten any meat since , drinking lots of water and trying to do some meditation and yoga every day. More importantly I feel grounded and a little at peace with myself. We are off to live in Singapore for two years but I will definitely return to Cloona again” (Denise, 2017)

“Thank you for your lovely email but more importantly for my time with Cloona. It was truly the most wonderful experience – as a result having spent my 5 days in your care my spirit has been fired– my body energised and mind calmed and soothed. I have a little shell on my desk to remind me of my walk along the beach on Wednesday… Until next time - with my deepest gratitude.” (Janet, 2017)

“Thank you for creating a wonderful environment for me to re-connect with myself this week in Cloona. I loved the experience and am so glad to be back and to see and feel the amazing healing energy in Full flow. Long may it continue!” (Catherine, 2017)

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my second Cloona experience. It really was a wonderful few days and I shall treasure them for a long time. I am feeling great. There were many elements working in my favour: a great bunch of intelligent and lovely women, a great atmosphere and ambience, one in which everyone thrived and relaxed in. A large group was also good meaning one could dip in and out of conversations and develop longer ones at times. The weather helped too – very little rain and warmer temperatures than those in November when I was last there. I found everyone to be very open and friendly – no destabilising elements - and of course when you have a group of people with a common goal it makes for a stimulating and fun time. Thank you all so very much again. I know I will return and will continue to embrace and cherish the valuable lessons and time I have spent with you this year.” (Grace, 2017)

“Thank you for the lovely message. It was such an enjoyable week. I really had a wonderful time. I feel so relaxed and learned so much. It was so nice to meet everybody!” (Marie, 2017)

“Many thanks for your letter and photo. I’m enjoying the benefits of a wonderful week in Cloona every day since….improved food habits, lots of water, daily meditation, walks and yoga practice so I’m a happy camper😊”. (Catherine,2017)

“Thank You for the great time I had with You. I saw myself last saturday continuing with my morning 5 moves Yoga pill, drinking 2 pints of water already by 10:00, returning to the bio farmers market after a few years of absence, and there I found I could buy fresh wheat grass (I did) and even a home delivery subscription. I got home and juiced myself some grass, some fruits…. that evening and the next one, I prepared 2 of the Cloona salads, to the delight of my family. It is Wednesday and I have kept the good new routines. Now listening to some music I enjoyed there. It touched me to deal with a great team of individuals that have decided to be lead by their Hearts… and by a higher Inspiration. Thank you for the words, the guidance, the learnings, the inspiration, the care, the contact, the emails and the closeness. I salute you, will spread the word to those that can appreciate who you are and what you offer.” (Sergi, 2017)

“I can honestly say my experience at Cloona was one of the best of my life to date. I feel energized and clearer in my mind than I have done in a long time. I feel better equipped to deal with the stresses that life throws at me and all together happier in myself. This in turn has had the affect of improving my relationship with my son and my husband. So thanks again to you and your team of wonder workers!!” (Deirdre, 2017)

Many thanks for an amazing and wonderful first time experience in Cloona.

— Eileen, 2016

Thanks again to you and the team for providing a fascinating five days. With so many new things to try - the yoga, laghoo, nose cleaning, fasting, labyrinth and more - my butterfly brain revelled in the fresh experiences. And lots of lessons and training in healthy practices too. The calm relaxing atmosphere and space for reflection helped me to start moving away from the initial shock and trauma of my recent bereavement, as well as giving me clarity to consider longer-standing issues. So thanks to all at Cloona, I look forward to meeting you all again sometime.

— Audrey, 2016

Many thanks again for a very beneficial week.

— Donall, 2016

Thank you so much to you and your team for such a wonderful week in Cloona. It was so lovely to escape the rat race for a few days and be so well looked after in your beautiful retreat - a home away from home. feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to battle on! Can’t compliment and thank you enough…

— Sarah, 2016

Everybody comments on how glowing I look. They all want to know about Cloona.

— Dariga, 2016

A belated thank you for everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and all the treatments and the “headspace” that I got from the week. A brilliant retreat and brilliant people running it. I will definitely be back!!! Keep up the great work

— Maeve 2016

…I would also like to say a very big thank you to you and your staff Dhara ,you were all wonderful, I am out walking every day hail rain or shine thanks to you, the best experience of my life, and to loose 9lbs was the best start I could have got…

— Collette, 2016

Thanks very much for an amazing week. I really enjoyed it and trying to incorporate some of the elements into the day to day world!

— Paula, 2016

Many thanks for the email and photo! It was a wonderful experience… Many thanks for your kindness as well as your gentle yet firm approach to living healthily. It was refreshing and I learned a lot!

— Aisling, 2016

Many thanks again for an uplifting week , in spite of the health dip. Cloona is indeed a special , magical place, it was great fun with a great crowd again this year. keep up the good work, hope to be visiting in the spring next year.

— Mara, 2016

Thank you for the great care and gentle support. I was exhausted arriving and felt renewed on leaving. I am most grateful.

— Anne, 2016

Thanks for the lovely email and photo. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt supported in pushing myself a little harder, so I could get the maximum benefit from the week. The program is superb, tough and gentle all at the same time and encourages the energising and healing that is so necessary in these busy times. The program is, in many ways to me, a chance to balance oneself and start off fresh again physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You have a great team gathered and they are all lovely. Although I have to say Caitriona is just wonderful; I really thought she was fantastic.

— Mary, 2016

Thank you so much for all your work in making last week such an enjoyable one! Great walks, lovely food and juices all beautifully prepared, and warm cozy rooms - it was just great, and I really feel the better of it!

— Annie, 2016

Many thanks for your email plus photo. I thoroughly enjoyed my few days in Cloona and meeting up with many different people. All your team were superb and I loved my massages reflexology and Tibetan bowl treatments… I shall be back and will highly recommend Cloona to many people.

— Una, 2016

Thank you so much for a wonderful five days at Cloona, I left there feeling fitter, refreshed and about four pounds lighter, I was able to do everything at my own pace which was great. I enjoyed all the different choices of treatments, I met a group of lovely interesting people and also had a lot of laughs.

I always recommend Cloona to my friends and hope to see you again this year.

— Alacoque, 2016